Advanced Change Management

This is a five day course. However, for bespoke courses please do contact us so we can support your needs.


Successful learning outcome

This learner will have developed skills and techniques to successfully manage and implement change, within or outside of a project controlled environment.


Course content

  • Understanding what is mean by ‘change management’
  • Being able to recognise when to use change management
  • Understanding change management approaches
  • Understand change management tools and techniques;
  • Change management in projects
  • Being able to consider change management aspects
  • Be able to Implementing change
  • Understanding team roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding how to Improve customer satisfaction
  • Be able to conduct risk assessment and management
  • Being able to plan/schedule change aspects; in a project, in business as usual,
  • Managing conflict
  • Understand the seven wastes
  • Be able to implement change
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