Advanced Leadership and Management

This is a two day course. However for bespoke courses please do contact us so we can support your needs.


Successful learning outcome

This learner will have developed skills and techniques to be equipped to manage or lead effectively.


Course content

  • Understand what is meant by ‘management’, ‘manager’, ‘leadership’ and ‘leader’
  • Understand the Leadership and management matrix
  • Be able to recognise what managers and leaders do
  • Understand ‘conscious leadership’
  • Understand different Leadership style
  • Understand the different stages of group/team development – Tuckman model
  • Recognise the different Belbin roles
  • Understand communication channels and how to maintain it effectively
  • Iceberg model
  • Basic understanding of GROW
  • Understand the Urgent and Importance matrix
  • Being able to create trust
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