Executive Coaching

Business coaching can be one-to-one or group sessions.  Despite there being a strong element of work related issues, it will be focused on individuals; there values, beliefs, needs and desires, all of which influence their motivation and job performance.

If the organisation is covering the cost of the business coaching, details regarding confidentiality, the level of feedback reports and outcome expectations of all stakeholders (client, coach, senior management), are all discussed and agreed upon upfront.

Example of work areas

  • identifying core competencies and interests
  • developing better leadership/management skills
  • managing relationships with subordinates/superiors/peers
  • identifying barriers to productive change
  • improving delegation skills
  • reviewing career path goals
  • assessing career change options
  • addressing work/life balance
  • improving motivation
  • examining implications of lifestyle choices
  • improving interpersonal communication
  • developing better presentation skills
  • managing stress
  • developing conflict resolution skills

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