Ilan Hamilton


  • I am a qualified Professional Life Coach and Trainer.  Having graduated from Surrey University with an honours degree in English Literature and Dance, I then went on to work for a number of large corporations fulfilling a variety of roles from Recruitment and HR to PR and Marketing Communications. 

  • My philosophy in life is that we always have a choice in any given situation, even when it looks and feels like we haven't. Once we realise and understand this, we can harness the power within us to take charge of our lives and create the life we say we want. 

  • From an early age, this has given me deep insight into the diversity of human life, how society generates the value systems that we live by and how our beliefs determine our behaviour. People have many differences which are what makes us unique, but we are fundamentally the same. We all have thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, wants and needs. Ultimately humanity is the common thread that binds us together. With this greater awareness and knowledge I understood that I could be truly proud of my heritage but that my background did not have to determine my destiny. 

  • Throughout my life I have naturally taken on the role of confidante and advisor. I am passionate about helping people to see and reach their full potential. With my positive attitude and forward-thinking approach, I believe my ability to intuitively connect with people has given me the privilege to inspire and empower others.

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