Mrs Lisa Leonce JP MBA MSc BSc(hons)


Lisa is a professional Career Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Business Consultant.  She is attentive and has a challenging and inspiring delivery style, with the ability to incite people to take action.

Lisa regularly provides coaching, mentoring and training to women and men of all ages who want to develop skills and behaviours that will help them in acoomplishing their goals, regardless of the direction in which that may be.  She helps clients in their current career roles and assits them; adapting into new promotional roles, progressing within the role, finding a new career path when their current job becomes mind-numbing or they simply need a change and are not sure where to start.

Having operated at all the management levels, Lisa applies her knowledge and experience from a variety of organisational sections - IT, Retail, Local Government, NHS, Rail, Charities and her own business.  As well as; the various projects and programmes she has delivered within the realms of organisational development, transformational change management and strategic planning, to help you and organisations move forward effectively and efficiently.  


  • Career development and management, Leadership, managing difficult situations, accomplishing meaningful relationships, building your confidence, business process reviews and implementing business change.
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